Tuesday Yet?

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’m still here, waiting for the snow to melt. This weather is really doing a number on the outdoor bike riding opportunities. I had a few really awesome and challenging mountain bike rides. So yesterday after three days of what felt like constant snow, I rolled my mountain bike out and hit up the trusty neighbourhood trails.

Well to put it simply, the trails were not rideable. At least not by me. The nice firm hard-packed snow had turned to soupy slush. I could ride for five feet and then I’d sink into the slop and have to clip out and then get going again. Really it felt like riding in the deep sand dunes at Koksijde… Part of me new it would be good to keep trying, because clearly there is a way to ride in these conditions, and a skill that probably would transfer to sand riding. But it was really hard work and rather frustrating. I reminded myself that I’m still in my rest and recovery phase and that this type of riding probably doesn’t fit into the “easy relaxed loose riding”. I decided to check out some of the bike paths around the Sportsplex… I forgot that I don’t live in Belgium. Rather I live in Ottawa, Ontario where the bike paths aren’t plowed…

All this to say, I’ll try again tomorrow. The plan is to hit up the Sportsplex trails again and learn how to ride in the sinking sloppy slush. This will be a useful skill to learn and should be transferable to the ‘cross bike. If anything, I’ll get out and spin my legs for a bit.

Tuesday is the day. The day I start training again. I’m so looking forward to Tuesday. And yes, I’m looking forward to the trainer. I just need to get back on the saddle and start working towards my 2010 – 2011 season goals. To say that I’m stoked for the upcoming season would be an understatement. This past season was pretty darn good so I’m charged up to see what the next season brings.

Have a good weekend. And cross your fingers for some decent riding weather. If this warm weather keeps up, we’ll be able to ride outside on our road bikes pretty soon…

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Yet?

  1. At saturday I’m gone ride with my mountainbike (or if I can find a crossbike) at the eventh off Erwin Vervecken !!!! He gives his parting off bicycling riding ( http://www.erwinboltuit.be ). What should I choose the 20k or the 40k ride ! I’m looking forward to it , riding with the big guys and girls (Nys, Wellens, Stybar , Christine Vardaros , Nikki Harris and offcourse Erwin himself.
    It’s gone be a lot off fun !!!

    Greetings to Marc and you

  2. Have an awesome ride Luc! I’m super jealous – wish I could do that ride. Looking forward to hearing all about the ride.


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