Tuesday Ride

Yes, I’m writing about the Tuesday ride on Monday. Just chalk it up to eagerness. I’m so keen to start training again. I might even go to bed early so that Tuesday comes faster…

Since we’ve had some pretty darn fine early spring weather, I’ll be hitting the open road tomorrow. That’s right. No trainer time for me. I’m going to put on some layers, wrap myself in my trusty neck tube and face the elements. It is going to be a good one. A nice easy 90 minutes focusing on cadence rather than power. Perfect way to ease back into the training mode.

I did ride outside on Sunday. I had this crazy idea that even though it has been very warm, the trails wouldn’t be soft. Silly me. They were so soft it was like riding in rice pudding. Ah well, it wasn’t cold out. So I powered the trusty mountain bike back into Barrhaven and did a little tour of this growing suburb. I just rolled along listening to my music and enjoyed being outside. The easy hour flew by in no time. And it was just what my tight quads needed after my running escapades on Saturday.

Yep, that run really did a good job of reminding me how hard running really is. Everything was smooth as silk on Saturday afternoon. But by Saturday night after enjoying a fine dinner with the Hoppner family (thanks again for the great meal and night out), my quads, calves, even my feet – had seized up into tight wads of tightness. Sigh, suppose this is what I get for running a bit too far and a bit too hard for my first run in over 4 months. But it was worth it. The run was awesome – loved hearing the heavy breathing and feeling my legs power my body through the air.

Today has been pretty mellow. There wasn’t any riding on the calendar today. Just a core/stretch day. So I hit up my fave yoga studio for a 90 minute hot power yoga class. It was awesome. The focus today was on the splits… Not a friendly move for a cyclist with tight hip flexors. But like the run, it was all good. I love seeing how far I can push my body and how long I can hold the poses. The instructor for the Monday morning class is excellent and she is also addicted to pushing her body. We did so many planks (I think four of them – all held for a minute each) and then more ab work. Did I say it was an awesome class? Well in case I didn’t – the class was awesome. I had a nice walk home soaking up the fresh air and enjoying the feeling that yoga leaves me with.

And now I look forward to tomorrow. I’ve already got a ride planned out. An easy roll out to Richmond, then after a few twists and turns, I’ll point myself towards Kanata and finish off at Marc’s office. Luckily I can shower at his office. Then we’ll go out for a nice lunch and I’ll take off with the car to do some errands. Sounds like a pretty darn good way to spend a Tuesday. Ride. Lunch. Errands (i.e. Sbucks coffee and computer time).

By the way, I occasionally post here about different recipes I’ve discovered. Well, I tested out two new recipes last week: chicken cordon bleu and eggplant lasagna. Both recipes were from Clean Eating Magazine. Both were amazing. They were given the “make again” rating. The chicken cordon bleu was uber easy. The eggplant lasagna is a new favorite – who knew that using eggplant instead of lasagna noodles would be so tasty? I also made beet oat squares (thanks to Mical Dyck for posting the recipe) – these are really good as well. The purple color is a knock-out.

Alright, I best be off. Time for a smooth epsom salt bath and some time with Rouleur magazine. (I’ll be careful to not get the pages of this precious magazine wet. Hint if you are thinking of my birthday (April 13), well put Rouleur magazine on the idea list…)

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