Back to the Routine

Phew, the last five days have flown by. I was in Orlando, Florida chilling out and pedaling my bike in and around Walt Disney World. Surreal. But very fun at the same time. This was my first time to Florida. Interesting place. Definitely nothing like New England…

I was down in Orlando with the KingsBridge team for the DRJ trade show. Many thanks to Skip and his team for making me feel so welcome and for bringing me along. Basically I was there to ride my bike in the trade show booth. I wasn’t sure how it would work out. Well, it was great. We had lots of traffic to the booth, I met a lot of interesting people, and I also got in lots of great outdoor riding. Pretty smooth five days. Many thanks as well to Clif Bar for hooking us up with very tasty booth treats for the trade show attendees – I think we got a lot of people hooked on Clif Bars…

Many thanks to Steve Rogers from KingsBridge for saving the day with my bike… Yep, a minor bike issue was discovered on Saturday – the o ring in my headset was broken/ruptured. Essentially – there was nothing to keep my headset nice and tight. So Sunday morning found me on the trainer by the pool pedaling in place for three hours. This was a very long three hours. Luckily I had my iPod and a magazine. But staring at a pool of blue water doesn’t really help the time pass quickly… Steve stepped in and solved the problem of the loose headset by first discovering the problem (I would never have found it) and then fixing up my headset thanks to a trip to Home Depot for a new o ring. Thanks to this fix I was able to get in some great early morning rides around the Walt Disney World Resort. My bike served as an excellent mode of transportation and I was able to get in some long rides and check out the Walt Disney World action.

The weather did not live up to its reputation but it was much warmer down in Orlando than it was here in Ottawa… So no real complaints. After a long day of travel yesterday, I’m happy to be home and getting back into the groove. My bike is put together and I’m just about to go for a ride to shake the airplane legs out of my legs (not to mention the airplane food and the five days of eating in restaurants in Orlando…).

Noticed that the 100 Miles to Nowhere is sold out… I’m stoked for FatCyclist but bummed for myself and the KingsBridge crew as we were looking forward to participating. Guess we’ll have to be sure to register early next year.

Merrickville on Saturday? Any takers? I’ve heard rumors that some of the trails are pretty dry – any input on this?

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