Good Sensations

You know those feelings you get when everything just clicks? You’re feeling good on the bike. You’re feeling good off the bike. The pedals are turning over nicely. The bike is ticking along. The head is clear. The brain is smiling. You have time to train, time to recover. Most importantly time to savor and enjoy life.

This is where I’m at.

I just finished my first four week block of the new season. The first few weeks were not as smooth as I would have liked. But now I’m in that groove. That groove where I just want to ride and ride some more. My body is asking for it. My brain says “bring it on”. Gotta love this.

Away from the bike life is good. I’m getting into a good routine here at home with my writing work – balancing my time on the computer so it does not take over my days. Giving my brain time to recharge with my yoga practice. All is good.

I’m not very impressed with this cold snap right now. But I suppose we had it coming considering the unseasonably warm weather we had early in March. What is the saying “in like a lamb out like a lion”? I think we’re getting a taste of the lion.

The road racing scene is starting to hot up around these parts. April is around the corner and that means lots of local racing on the calendar. In April there are three local races and our local training criterium series kicks off. Fun times. Fast times. I’ll be out at the training criteriums but that is it. No racing for me in April. Still to early. Fine by me – I want to be sharp and fast for ‘cross season. It is not easy to not race, but I know the pay off in November and again in January will be huge.

I’m out for a two hour ride tomorrow. So keep your fingers crossed that this wind eases off and the sun comes out to play. I don’t want to go back to the thermal tights, two pairs of shoe covers, thick gloves, and hat.

Alright, I best be off. Got a few more things to get through today. Enjoy your training or racing this weekend. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing – stay safe and remember to smile – you’ll never have this day again.

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