Feeling It

Today was just one of those good days on the bike. The legs were full of snap. The wind was light. The sun was out. The brain was on track and ready to get down to work.

I got in a very strong three hour ride today. Mixed it up with some sprint intervals. Still working on the sprint technique. So much to remember. Pull back on the bars. Turn the legs over fast. Remember to shift. But don’t shift too early. Shift when I’m on top of the gear. So much to do and remember in my 15 second window.

This is definitely something I need to work on all season. I need to get this sprinting thing down. I’m an explosive athlete. I’ve got the power and snap. Just need to translate it to the bike. Technique. Comes down to technique. Well also commitment. I need to commit to the sprint. Technique and commit work hand in hand. One without the other won’t work for me.

Yes, I’m getting excited for the upcoming cyclo-cross season. I know it is early. But when I can finish my ride and sit down and think about my day of training and know that I’m making progress and moving forward, I can’t help but be excited. Tomorrow night I’m getting the mountain bike out for a roll over to Slack to check out the trails. I’ll let you know about the sogginess of the trails here. Not normally a place where I would ride a mountain bike (perfect for ‘cross riding) but I think at this time of the year, the mountain bike will work.

I’m off to Lakefield, ON on Friday for a week – so I’ll be out on my road bike checking out the area. Let me know if you’re in the area and want to hook up for a ride. I am looking for a group ride on Sunday – I’ve got four hours on the schedule with the words “group ride” underneath.

When I’m back in good old Ottawa, I’ll be out for some mountain biking at Kanata Lakes. The trails should be dryish by then. Can’t hardly wait.

Love this time of the year. Spring signals the start of a new season, new goals, more growth, more progress. And most importantly – fun times on bikes. Life is good.

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