Wind Days

Yeesh, this wind is getting to be a bit tiresome. In more ways than one. My strategy is typically to ride out against the almighty headwind. I do my intervals into the headwind. Then I get a friendly push home from the well-deserved tailwind. A win-win situation for everyone (okay really me).

But today this did not happen. The wind was not blowing in the correct direction(s) for me. I did my best to get my intervals in at least a cross-wind and with some climbs for extra spice. But it was headwind all the way home. Even the cross-tailwind wasn’t that awesome along Upper Dwyer Hill. The ride down Jock and then Franktown was fierce.

There were many pluses today’s ride thought that outweighed the unfriendly wind. The sun was shining. The sky was a brilliant blue. I nailed my intervals. I’m really focusing on keeping my cadence high when I’m under stress. I tend to revert to a plodding 80 rpm cadence when working hard. So the goal is to fix this. Today I did an excellent job of keeping the cadence and the wattage high. Great feeling when the small goals come together. In fact the entire ride was pretty darn good – cadence was spot on, wattage was grooving along. I felt good out there.

I’m in the next phase of my training now. Lots of tempo intervals and sprint work. Also some longer rides. I’m looking for group rides. Every Sunday I’ve got a four hour group ride on the schedule. So let me know if you’ve got a group ride going. I’m looking forward to spending more time on the saddle.

On deck for tomorrow is three hours with a bunch of sprint intervals thrown in for some heartrate raising and lung bursting action. Nothing like a sprint work-out to put some quiver in the legs. Extra bonus is that Wednesday is supposed to be a decent day – sunny and dry. Time will tell about the wind.

I’m itching to hit up the trails on my mountain bike. I head that Kanata Lakes was starting to dry up. Not sure what the last few days of rain will have done to the conditions though.

Well, I best be off. I’ve got a bunch of web sites to visit and my new book is calling my name (Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson).

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