Rolling Along

Had another excellent ride today. Three hours with five sprints thrown in for good measure. Great way to keep the ride interesting. I’m really enjoying riding on the rolling roads around Peterborough/Lakefield. Was a bit damp at times today but this seems to have been the norm for all of Ontario today.

Got my yoga groove on as well and did a nice and easy 20 minute hip opening flow. I find my hips really tighten up after long rides and it helps to get into a few deep pigeon and full-pigeon poses to keep things loose.

I had been mulling around a number of blog post topics today. But nothing really stuck. I thought about writing about inspiration or motivation. I’m in that phase of training where I’m super motivated and inspired. I want to do more and do it all better.

My inspiration comes from a lot of amazing athletes out there but it also comes from within my own self. I am my own barometer on what I need to do and how I should get it done. This in turn motivates me. I’m working on my goals for the 2010 – 2011 cyclo-cross season and these keep me going and pushing down on the pedals.

But I have to say that my biggest source of inspiration and motivation comes from my favorite guy and husband Marc. Marc is just a rock. He works so hard at his day job and then comes home to work even harder on his bike. He never skips work-outs. He demands the best from himself at all times. He is always quick to lend a hand and help out those who might have questions about racing or training. He really takes great pleasure in the bike. If I could be half the bike racer that Marc is, I would consider myself to be a success. Really, if it weren’t for Marc I wouldn’t even be on this path – he convinces me to keep shooting for the stars and doesn’t let me falter or waver on my goals. I am one lucky person. I’m super proud of Marc for making a big move this cycling season. I think really good things are going to happen for Marc. This is a case where I think the grass really is greener.

Thanks Marc for being my role model, inspiration, and motivator. Couldn’t do this without you.

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