Soggy but Good

Thursday’s ride was wet. Really wet. But I’m not made of sugar so there was no risk of melting. Luckily I had my trusty BioRacer rain jacket and wonderful MEC waterproof pants (recently patched up by mom). But it was still wet. And cold. I really didn’t want to go out for 3.5 hours in such weather. I even deliberated about flipping my work-outs – doing Friday’s 90 minute ride on Thursday instead. But, there is a reason for the plan being laid out the way it is. And besides it very well could have been pouring today on Friday. (It is not raining but it is cold zero celsius…)

I bundled up in all the waterproof clothing I had and headed out on country road 23 off to Buckhorn. I had a great ride. Definitely felt the cold, rain and efforts from the week in my legs, body, and mind. But I told myself this was much more preferable to sitting in an office… I also thought of Ray Zahab running across the Sahara desert – rain and cold was much easier to take than driving sand and the unceasing heat of the sun. It also helped that I was listening to Definitely Not The Opera (CBC) podcast about sacrifice – helped keep everything in perspective and made riding a bike in the rain that much easier to take. I had a tasty Clif Luna bar to keep me company – nothing quite like the combination of chocolate, caramel, and nuts to help warm me up (Luna Caramel Nut Brownie flavor).

When I got home, my parents both wondered why I didn’t come back early (I told them how I stopped feeling my feet after 90 minutes…). I never really thought about cutting the ride short. I have to think that, either my competitors are out there training in the same conditions – so I have to as well, or that they are not out there training in such conditions – so I have to be out there training when the going gets tough – giving me an extra pedal stroke over them. All my dad said was “you must be pretty dedicated”.

I suppose this is the case. But really, when I think of the sacrifices that Marc makes so I can ride my bike and focus on training and when I look at my sponsors logos on my clothing – I’m reminded how lucky I am and how I really have the easy job – get out there and do something I love every day.

Perspective is an amazing thing.

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