Cyclo-Cross on the Brain

Wow seems like everyone has got cyclo-cross on the brain right now. There has been a lot of recent discussion, writing, ranting, and raving about the recent UCI rules. I can’t really add anything new to the numerous discussions except to say that I find the feeding rule a bit odd. The rule states that feeding can’t be done during the first two laps and last two laps… Women’s races are 40 minutes long – we typically race for 4 – 6 laps… So depending on the length of the course and course conditions, we may not be able to have a feed – if the race is only four laps long. Some would say that in 40 minutes you don’t need a drink – well at the World Cup in Treviso, Ital it was 36 celsius – I definitely could have used a drink… As for the rest of the rules – whatever. Most importantly is to get out there and race our bikes – have fun, inspire others and keep this sport growing.

My wrist is coming along (I think)… I got in some good rides on the weekend. 2.5 hours on Saturday and 3.5 hours on Sunday. Admittedly my wrist is a bit sore today – probably from doing a lot yesterday. I’ve taken the splint off so I could get some faster typing done….

The week ahead is looking mixed. Supposed to leave on Wednesday for Albion Hills – location of the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice mountain bike race this weekend. I’ve been looking forward to racing this event with the smooth KingsBridge guys. But unfortunately my ulcerative colitis is being a real hassle right now… In an uncharacteristic move – I’m going to see my gi doctor today in hope that I can some kind of new medicine to allow me to still race and camp this week. Frustrating. But such is life. My wrist will be fine – now I just need my guts to settle. Ah well, there is always a bright side to everything – sometimes it just takes a while for the bright side to shine through…

I have decide to give the Specific Carbohydrate Diet a shot. This is a diet that many people with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis follow. It is restrictive at the beginning but after the initial phase it opens up to some really good and manageable food options. The limitations (no grains, starches, store-bought yogurt) are a small trade-off to get relief from the ulcerative colitis symptoms. Anyway, I’m going to try it and commit to it – hopefully this will help. Last week to donate to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada – we’ve raised $935 so far!

Just getting the Ottawa Cross clothing design finalized for the upcoming season. So this means that there is still time for us to work out a sponsorship relationship… Download my sponsorship proposal, drop me an email and we can get the details sorted. You’ve seen the Ottawa Cross kit – is an eye-catching red, white and black design and your logo would look pretty darn fine on it!

Alright, off to do some more stuff… I’m on a rest week right now – four days of easy riding and just letting the body recharge after four weeks of good hard training. Testing day next week – nothing like seeing the hardwork pay off with some new numbers and amazing sensations of confidence and growth.

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