Crash Landing…

I’ll cut to the chase here since typing is a hassle with my left hand… I fell off my bike yesterday while training in the woods. I put my hand out to brace myself and now I’ve got a fiberglass splint on my arm up to my elbow. Good news is my wrist is not broken – just a bad sprain. Ten days to heal up.

So racing this weekend is doubtful and same goes foe next weekend. Real bummer on the timing because I was really looking forward to these races. I’ll know on Saturday for sure about Preston St.

In the meantime I’ll have to adjust my typing style…

Still collecting pledges for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada.

Alright time to work on my hunt and peck typing skills. Oh and I’ll go make some lemonade – looking on the bright side.

3 thoughts on “Crash Landing…

  1. Vicki , hope you soon recovering from that injury , so you get back on training ! Looking forward to see you @ cross-season !

    Cheers Luc

  2. Thanks Luc! Real drag – but better now than in October! I’ll see you soon as travel details are currently being worked out.

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