24 Hours of Summer Solstice Pre-Ride

The rest of the KingsBridge crew arrived last night and we’re now well set up with it seems like a billion tents, gazebos and an RV. We had a pretty chilled out morning while the guys put their bikes together and then it was riding time!

We did a full lap at a pretty chilled pace just to check out the course. I have to say the course is in super condition – especially considering all the rain that hit us earlier in the week. This course really has it all. It is not uber-technical but it is challenging. Flow is the word. It is all about maintaining momentum and really let the bike do its thing. Easier said than done.

There is lots of twisty climbing followed by twisty descending. There is a decent mix of singletrack and doubletrack – giving some relief from the twist and turns. The doubletrack does have some steepish climbs. But when you put it all together it makes for a solid race course. Perhaps the most challenging climb is just before the 1 kilometer to go sign.

But once you hit the top you’re rewarded by some flowy singletrack and the finish line/transition zone….

So all in all it will be a fun day of riding tomorrow. The campground is starting to fill up with riders, supporters, and sponsors. Looking forward to experiencing the atmosphere here this weekend with 3,000 people. Racing kicks off at noon tomorrow so send team KingsBridge some fast vibes and keep your fingers crossed for dry conditions.

Here is a shot of the crew sporting our new KingsBridge kits – thanks to Champion Systems.

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