Albion Hills Relaxation

We got to Albion Hills yesterday with little to no issues. We even managed to miss/beat the infamous 401 traffic craziness… Just been hanging out having a pretty relaxing time here. The campground is still pretty quiet with most racers arriving on Friday. The Chico Racing tent is set up and the course is marked.

Last night Skip and I went for an “easy” ride on our mountain bikes. No intentions of hitting up any singletrack so we didn’t put on our helmets (I know bad) and wore flip-flops/Crocs… Well of course we ended up on singletrack… Slippery, muddy singletrack and it was kind of dark… Ya, it was not the smartest thing. But it was fun. Lesson learned – greasy mud and Crocs don’t work together – traction is basically zero!

Just about to have some lunch and then we’re off to check out some trails and shake out our legs. It is wickedly humid here and the sun is burning quite hot. Hopefully the water will get sucked out of the ground by race time. Looking forward to racing in my first 24 hour event. Can’t imagine what this place will be like with 3,000 racers here.

I’m over in site 189A – so swing by and say hi! Safe travels if you’re on your way up tonight and tomorrow.

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