Learning New Tricks

This morning I held a private cyclo-cross lesson for John. John is a definite inspiration… Read his blog post about his experience and be sure to click around his website to learn more about him and his goals.

Thanks John for coming out this morning. I was really impressed with how quickly you picked up the skills of dismounting and mounting. Good luck in the upcoming Army Run and your first marathon in October.

2 thoughts on “Learning New Tricks

  1. It looks like I may be teaching the skills I learned to a buddy. He just needs to buy a bike. I think Oct.23 will be my first attempt at a Cyclo-cross race. Last I checked I still couldn’t see a race schedule up. I know you said they run Sept.26-End of Nov. but it would help to know where and when they are. Any idea where to get this info?

  2. Hey John

    Here is the link to the OBC Cyclo-Cross series website: http://cyclocross.org/. The schedule should be up soon.
    Well, if you and your buddy want a session – let me know. Also, what kind of bike does your pal want? Email me to chat about this.


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