Yesterday I had an excellent road ride. I was out turning the pedals on some of my favorite local training roads. Quiet roads with a few dips, rises, twists and turns. The houses along the way are familiar with many friendly nods exchanged between myself and the people out tending to the big lawns and simply soaking up the fresh air. Really, it was just a ride – nothing spectacular. Familiar, comfortable, and soothing. But then a funny thing happened to me. Just as I was getting back into my suburb and rolling through the busy suburban streets, a wave of emotion took over. I felt my eyes filling up. A strange tickle appeared at the back of my throat. All of a sudden I was thinking about how fast the time has gone and how soon enough I’ll be gone. Following the road not often taken. I realized that pretty soon I would be leaving all this familiarity for another kind. A kind where the roads have less dips and rises but more twists and turns. A place where there are more cyclists than cars (or so it seems). Yes, I’m excited to go. But I’m sad to leave. Life is good here. I ride. I train. I am with my favorite guy. Bitterweet. Really just bittersweet. This season is looking so bright for me. But sometimes it is hard to see this for the things I’ll miss and leave behind. So, as I pedaled along my familiar roads, I had tears in my eyes, swelling in my heart, and a tickle in my throat. I can only wonder what today’s ride will give me.

(With thanks to the bike.)

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