A Triple?

Yes, that’s right – on Sunday instead of doing a double day, I did a triple day. Oh yeah – three work-outs in one day. And yes, I feel it in my legs right now. What a good feeling. Reminds me of how spot-on Sunday’s training was.

I started the day in the cool and frosty early morning with fun and fast times on my Stevens Carbon Team DA. I took my trusty bike off to my favorite training grounds. It was time to do some drills and work on specific techniques. The cool weather meant that there really wasn’t anyone out. Just me, the sand, the singletrack, and my bike. Perfect training scenario. I did drill after drill – focusing on speed on the remount, quick acceleration of the bike, sprinting onto the saddle, fast dismounts, and speedy/nervy descending. A great training session.

I rolled home, chomped down a few Clif Shot Bloks and then laced up my running shoes. Time for some running and hills sprints. Now I admit that I wondered aloud if I needed to do this run since I had done a fair bit of running in the woods. But Marc gently guided me out the door… Boy am I ever happy I did this work-out. Yes, I was a bit tired but I needed it. Hill sprints are not a strength for me. I tend to run like a slow lumbering elephant – so bouncing up a hill does not come naturally. This was a work-out for the legs and the mind. I focused on high knees, light feet, and running through the top of the hill. In the end it was very cathartic – I listened to my breathe and told myself that a nap was waiting for me.

A quick shower and a few bowls of puffed rice and almond milk later (I know not the most exciting meal – but what can I do?) and I was stretched out on the couch “reading”. Sooner than I wanted my watch beeped and it was time to get out for the grand finale. A 90 minute ride with the focus being on cyclo-cross starts. Perfect way to finish off the day of training. I put my road wheels on my ‘cross bike and hit up some very quiet training roads. I guess the cool weather kept most people inside since I didn’t see anyone out. On my agenda were four 30 second all-out give-it-all-I’ve-got ‘cross starts. And yes, I gave it all I had. Lets just say its a good thing I had a tailwind on the way home.

So there you have it – this was my Sunday triple. Couldn’t have been better. To round out the day we hooked up with the fastest couple in Barrhaven for a night out at the movies and dinner. Lets just say our movie choice could have been better (The Expendables) but the company and the food made up for it. If you haven’t seen The Expendables, my suggestion – don’t. We were all wondering how we ended up choosing this movie… Ah well. But one thing I can say is this – if you have food allergies/restrictions and are looking for a restaurant that will accommodate you – go to Milestone’s. Amazing service and advice.

As for today? Well it is my rest day. So I’m about to head out to my local park to do a short skills session – just to loosen up the legs and to help reinforce the skills I practiced yesterday. I’m also playing around with my saddle height and I’ve got some new shoes that I need to break-in. Tonight I’m off to Chelsea for a cyclo-cross practice session. Really looking forward to this – a great group of people are coming out again. Tonight we’re tackling the sand run-up and uphill dismounts. I expect smiles all around. I’m holding another cyclo-cross practice session on Thursday so if you’re interested in some early morning training and learning – drop me an email. Again huge smiles and fun times guaranteed.

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