Training and Racing

Well, it is the day/night before race day. It has been a pretty darn good day before. I got in a solid opening work-out on some new-to-me roads and some favorite roads. Saw Sven Nys go zipping by. Not sure if he recognized me….

Rest of the day has been very relaxing. Standard stuff really. Groceries. Bike cleaning. Then a little side trip into the suburbs of Antwerp to visit the Decathlon and nose around Ikea. Pretty good little adventure was had.

My bags are packed. Bikes are ready. I’m feeling good. I had an iron injection yesterday. This is different from an intraveneous infusion, instead the doctor injected the iron directly into my vein with needle/syringe. He said I need to come back for seven more injections. So basically one a week the entire time I’m here…. Keeping my fingers crossed that these help.

Sorry I don’t have anything else groundbreaking to share with you today. Really has just been a pretty standard day before racing day (well minus the 8 hour drive we’re used to at home…).

Karl is coming to the race with me. He is going to do his work-out on the course and then help me out by working the pits. This helps a lot since I don’t have to worry about finding someone to pit for me. The race in Hasselt is very close so this makes things easy as well. Racing at 10:45 and I’ll most likely be back here by 1:30. Alex arrives tomorrow as well. So lots going on. And of course next Thursday is the big day with Marc arriving…

Alright, time to go unwind with a magazine and take a break from this computer. Have a great Friday. Send me your fast vibes at 4:45 a.m. EST….

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