Race Day in Hasselt

Today was day one of the double-header weekend. Just down the E313 from us is the GVA race in Hasselt. I did this race last year and really enjoyed it. This year was no different. There were a few course changes but ones that added to the race and made it more challenging – two new fly-overs, a second sand pit, and a set of stairs with a ramp-like descent.

(Read the race report here.)

I lined up at the back behind 43 junior boys. I was the only woman in the race. I had a lot of fun today. I rode okayish. My form is slowly coming around. My technical skills are coming around. It was a fun day out. Sun was shining. Course was fun. People were cheering for me. I had Karl there to help me with the course lines and to do the pits and Luc there to help out at the start and finish and to take photos. Couldn’t ask for a better support crew. The Peugeot is working out really well as a race vehicle – today we got three bikes in it and heaps of gear with no problems.

Now here I sit at 2:30 with two clean bikes, clothes in the wash and the rest of the day to relax. I’m racing again tomorrow in Aspere Gavere. This will be very different from today. In fact a stark contrast – where today was dryish, flat and fast, Aspere Gavere will be hilly, muddy and pretty much a slog from the word “go”. But this is why I’m here – to get better, to get smarter, to learn more and to keep finding the joy in every pedal stroke.

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