I had a great recovery spin this morning. Simply followed the windy twisty roads and kept my eyes peeled for the numbered routes along the way. I found some new roads and pedaled down some old ones. All the while I was listening to some CBC Radio 3 podcasts – specifically the Extended Play podcast. The first one I listened to was about the state of the Canadian music business with an interesting interview with Terry McBride of Nettwerk Records. The second podcast was about “being Canadian” and being a musician.

I know that you might think these podcasts don’t have anything to do with bike racing and riding. But to me these bikes struck a chord. I found it interesting to listen to the interviewer and interviewees talking about music, being Canadian, the Canadian music business, and just really about following your heart with whatever choice you make.

As a Canadian bike racer I think it is kind of similar to being a Canadian independent musician. Being a Canadian cyclist is not a “common” choice. It is not easy. It is not hard. It just is. You make this choice because of passion. A passion that pushes you out the door and onto the bike. No matter the weather. You just do it because you want to.

This is the way it is for me. I do it because I love it. I’m not the fastest. I’m not the most skilled. But I think I’m one of the most passionate. This pushes me forward out the door. Kind of like your favorite independent rock band that no one else has heard of. Think of me as that rock band – one day I’ll hit the big time. It might not be the same big time as the racers winning the World Cups but it’ll be my “big time”.

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