Ups and Downs at Asper Gavere

Today was one of those days – some ups and some downs. The course at Asper Gavere is hilly and muddy. It seems like I was either going up or going down. But through-out it all, I was smiling. I had so much fun today. Not once did a negative thought enter my head. I just focused on riding and riding better each lap – and I’m pretty confident I did this.

I did get pulled – darn 80 per cent rule. This was a disappointment – particularly since I felt like I was riding well. But this is bike racing. You can read my race report here.

It was a very good day from start to finish. Thanks to Luc for the driving, cheering, photos, and friendship. Thanks to Ignace for the pit work and for the bike work. Thanks to Karl, Denise and Alex for the cheering, support and good vibes.

Next race for me is the Koksijde World Cup on Saturday. This will be a good one as well – my sand training at Merivale Gardens will definitely pay off there!

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