Moving Forward

Some of you might be wondering what is next for me now that it is pretty darn clear that I won’t be racing at the World Cyclo-Cross Championships…. Well, I had an excellent talk with my coach Steve Weller of Bell Lap Coaching yesterday about this very topic.

First off, I have to say that this season really has been a struggle. It is hard to have put in so much hardwork and training over the spring and summer only to have it not come to full fruition during the race season. There is nothing more frustrating than racing my own body. I admit that at times I have faltered. Wondered if I should take a break and just take a step back. But in my heart of hearts I know this is not the right answer for me. Through all the health struggles I’m having, the one thing that has allowed me to keep going is knowing that I’m not doing any further damage to my body by training. I’m not slowing down my healing process so there is no point in taking a break.

One thing that came up with my talk with Steve is how frustrated I am at often being last. Being last sucks. There is no other way to state this. I hate it. I’m frustrated because I know that I’m not a last placed rider. I’ve developed fitness and skills that if I was 100 per cent healthy would put me higher on the results list. But right now I have to accept where I am. This is not where I want to be and I know that next year I won’t be here again.

So, this should give you an idea of what is around the corner for me. Status quo. Yep, keep on training. Keep on racing. Keep on learning. Keep on getting better. Keep on getting healthy. Essentially right now, I’m building towards next year. I’m focused on maximizing my time here in Belgium. This means doing all the racing I can. Getting in all the technical training and learning I can. Getting out on my bike in all types of conditions so that on race day I’m ready for the frozen mud, frozen sand, squishy sticky mud, intense descents, and wheel-sucking sand.

Really all I can do is what I’ve been doing. Yes, I’m thoroughly disappointed to not be going to the big show in St. Wendel, Germany. But I’ve had an idea for a while now that this would be an uphill battle this year. I’ve raced at the World Cyclo-Cross Championships once. And I know that I’ll do it again. It just won’t be this season.

6 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Hey tough luck 😦
    Look on the bright side… most of us would give our left *ut to me racing abroad :). Enjoy ! ! !
    So no more pressure this year. Just enjoy the training.
    Race where you can/want and get that motor back into top shape.
    Happy holidays 🙂
    Julie,Megan and Paul 🙂

  2. Thanks Paul. You’re very right. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be doing what I’m doing. Yep, this is exactly the plan – enjoy the training and enjoy the racing and get ready for next year. Hope your off-season is going well.
    Thanks for reading and commenting.


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