It is Thursday so this week this meant time to ride the rollers. I was actually looking forward to my roller ride. I’m feeling like I’m getting on top of this training device and I’m enjoying my time pedaling along and feeling progress.

Though there is one issue that riding the rollers has highlighted: I bounce. Yep, I’m a bouncer. See I like to push a big gear at a low cadence. A certain someone has been working hard to break me of this habit. Trouble is, it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. But I’m getting there.

Today I felt like I was really jiving with the rollers. Less side-to-side motion now. I can take my hands off the bars (not both at the sametime… that is just crazy). I can stand up for a little bit. I can even reach down and grab a towel to wipe my face. But still I bounce.

My new task when roller riding is to think about my pedal stroke. Pay attention to what my legs are doing and think about a smooth stroke. No more of this 3 o’clock/6 o’clock business. I’m going to stop the bouncing and become smooth and all buttery.

Today marked my longest roller ride in a very long time – 75 minutes. I know for those of you who crank out 2 hours on the rollers this is chump change. But considering three weeks ago, I hadn’t ridden the rollers since 1995 – I’m pretty happy with this.

I’ve got my new training program for March. It looks really good. Getting into some intensity. Working on leg speed. Longer runs are in the mix as well. I’m actually starting to feel like my old self again. My legs are getting stronger, my heart and soul want to ride longer and harder and I’m just really feeling the bike right now. I want to ride longer and harder than is planned right now.

This is a good thing. My fire is burning hot and fast. I’m already looking forward to Friday’s session on the trainer chased by a yin yoga class and then a hot power yoga class. Oh yeah, Friday is going to be a good one. I hope your Friday is looking as good as mine.

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