Oh, March…

I’m having an affair. A love affair. Yes, Marc, sorry to break it to you this way but I’ve fallen for someone else. Mr. March. Yes, I can’t stop thinking about March and how much I value him right now. It is hard to explain but I tell it to you straight: March is giving me so much right now that I’ve been craving and missing. That feeling that gets you right in the gut and the quads. You know what I mean. It is kind of hard to describe, intangible really. But when you experience it, well you just know…

March is fulfilling a big hole that has been missing for me for quite some time. Intensity. Heavy breathing. Longer rides. Fast legs. A pounding heart. Yes, March has it all in more. I didn’t expect this back in January – in fact no one could see it coming. But now that March is here, I wouldn’t change a thing. Not a damn thing.

I’m riding faster, harder and longer. I’m sweating and panting. I want it to stop but I want it to keep going. Thank-you March. Stay as long as you like. I like what you are doing to my body and my psyche. Looking forward to our dates this weekend. Running, riding, yoga, hiking – whatever it is you want, I’ll do it.

I have missed this feeling. So glad it is back for good.

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