Catching My Breath

Wow – I think the wind blew me away out there! That was a wickedly windy ride out there. Truth be told, if I’d known how windy it was, I probably would have just ridden the rollers. But I’m glad I got out there and battled the spring winds – good for the heart and soul.

Marc put my SRM and a big 53-tooth chain ring on my Stevens ‘cross bike yesterday. Hmm, it is a bit surprising to see those power numbers and cadence numbers again. I’ve been data-less since November when my SRM met an untimely death – but it is now back to its top form and is doing its part to keep me honest. I like to think that it was the wind that was skewing my numbers and also I reminded myself of the ever-important spring riding mantra “it is Spring”. The 53-tooth chain ring took some getting used to again as well. Spinning a 42-tooth chain ring is definitely easier and friendlier. Again “it is Spring”.

Today was one of those rides that reminds me how much I love riding and racing my bike. It was kind of cold, it was damn windy, and I was struggling. But I got through it and did the work-out. I could have turned back, but I didn’t. This is a good thing.

On another note, I’m really happy that cycling season is hotting up again – this means lots of action on my favorite cyclist’s blogs. Although I’m not racing right now, I feel like I can live vicariously through some pretty awesome racers. Nice also to read that we’re not the only ones dealing with a lingering winter.

Alright, I best be off. Hopefully soon enough I’ll have the odd race report to post up here. Or at the very least, tales of some epic rides. Really looking forward to the long days in the saddle again. Keep the rubber side down.

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