A Most Excellent Sunday

There is nothing quite like the first group ride of spring. Yesterday we had a group of eight and at times nine hardy riders come together for a ride. We rolled out of our place with Merrickville as our destination. This ride really is very enjoyable and the terrain is very friendly (i.e. flat).

We did battle some crazy headwinds and crosswinds on the way out, but better on the way out than the way back…. Good little stop in Merrickville for some tasty treats. Can’t beat the peanut butter bars at Brewed Awakenings – perfect combination of peanut butter cream, chocolate layer and a crispy chocolate crust. (No, these are not gluten-free and yes I ate one. I am not allergic to gluten – I just choose to avoid it as much as I can. Yesterday, was not one of those times…) We all kicked back a bit and then it was time to get back out on our bikes.

So that wind had shifted a bit… We did have some tailwind on the way back but down Malakoff it seemed like the wind was coming at us in all directions. All in all, it was an excellent ride. I was really concerned that I might not be good for the distance or pace but I was able to get through it. Some tough moments during the ride but generally I felt pretty good. Many thanks to the guys for such a great ride – good conversations, steady pace, and generally an excellent way to spend a Sunday.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this new dumping of 10 centimeters of snow that we’re getting today will be long gone by the weekend. I’d like to get out to Merrickville again and out to Almonte/Mississippi Mills on Saturday. Some good long back-to-back rides is just what I need right now.

As for today? It is a rest day. I’m off to Mountaingoat Yoga in a little bit for some hot power yoga. I would like to be welcoming spring with an outdoor ride but Mother Nature has another idea of what the first day of spring is like for us here in the snowy north. Oh well, the season is long and I’m going to make the most of it.

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