Things I Dig

As you can probably guess, there really isn’t that much happening right now. I’m riding. I’m training. I’m waiting for the real spring to arrive. I’m about to move into a new phase of training – I’ll find out more today but I’m anticipating longer rides, more tempo work-outs and maybe some threshold. Whatever it is, I’ll be more than happy to do it.

So I thought that since I really don’t have much new to tell you about, that I’d tell you about some of the places and people I like to visit on the WWW – some cycling related, some food/cooking related, some book/reading related, and other simply fall in the miscellaneous category.

Cycling: here’s a snapshot of some of the cycling blogs I follow:

Food: I like to cook and eat good healthy food – here is where I get recipes and inspiration:

Books/Reading: I read. I read a lot – about everything and anything:

Miscellaneous: sites I visit because they are interesting and make me scratch my head:

(Of course it goes without saying that it is worth visiting my sponsors’ web sites for good food to eat, clothes to keep you looking sharp, equipment to protect your body, bikes to make you go fast, a bike shop that keeps everything together and clicking, and top-notch coaching to give you the training you need to bring out your best.)

So there you have it – some of things out there that I dig. Happy pedaling!

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