Road Bikin’

Ah, there really is nothing quite like the open road. Even if it really isn’t that warm yet and our Spring is destined to be cool and soggy – you just can’t beat the feeling of the wind on your skin and the freckles that pop out after a few hours in the sun. It is hard to explain to a non-cyclist the feeling of road under the tires, the whir of the pedals, and the blurring of the scenery as I roll along. I think these “emotions” can be summed up with one word “living”. Yes, living and getting out there and soaking it all in.

Today the roads are wet and the chances are that I’ll be out riding in the rain. I did have a momentary fleeting thought about riding the trainer and staying warm and dry. But luckily it was a fleeting thought. I will get out and ride in this very spring-like weather. I’m addicted to the emotions and spirit of the road. There is no going back for me.

As I kid growing up in northern Saskatchewan, I used to beg my parents to let me get my bike out by my birthday. Yes, I had to beg, hope, and plead to get my bike out by the middle of April. Snow was everywhere and it seemed it lasted forever in that small little town. Well, now here it is the first of April and I don’t have to beg, plead and hope – nope I can just put on the layers of spandex and get out there and just do it.

I guess you can tell that I’ve had a few good days of training and that I’m looking forward to the things to come. Yes, this is exactly where I’m at. The next few weeks of training are looking to be awesome – I’m getting into some intensity and my all-time favorite – long rides. I know that I’m happy with the bike and where I’m feeling because yesterday when I rolled past my little cyclo-cross training park, I wondered if it was too early to break out the barrier and to practice mounts, dismounts, and all the little things that make cyclo-cross so damn perfect?

Yes, spring is here and I couldn’t be happier. Good time to be a bike racer. Great time to be able to get out and absorb the emotions the bike affords us. Even better time to appreciate it all. Alright, time to ride!

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