Weekend Biking Vibes

Just a quick post to say: wow – what a great couple of days of being a bike rider. From getting out and doing long rides solo and with friends to watching the Tour of Flanders to hearing stories from others about their training adventures to catching up with fellow cyclists via their blogs – the whole thing really just puts a smile on my face.

Call me corny or sentimental – I really don’t care. I just really am having a good time of it.

Today’s ride sealed the weekend for me. Great ride with a good group of people. Good conversation. A few laughs and jokes. Headwind and tailwind. And plans to do it again next weekend. Perfect.

Other highlight of the weekend was seeing my dad’s reaction when he picked up his new bike at The Cyclery. It is the perfect bike for him and he was just so excited to take out for a spin around the block before driving home. I’m really looking forward to hearing about his rides this summer.

A good weekend. A great weekend for us bike racers. Can’t wait for next weekend.

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