Rest is Good

So on Sunday I had a not so great day on the bike. I fought the bike and my body for the entire ride. Well Monday was a rest day and I gladly soaked up all of the rest I could. Today it was back out on the bike… I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Well the good news is I felt really good. Had an excellent ride and was able to get through my sprint intervals really well. The big question remains: how will I feel tomorrow. Time will tell I guess. I’m crossing my fingers that Sunday was a “one-off” and that I can handle hard back-to-back days.

I’m getting used to the rolling nature of the roads around Lakefield and Peterborough. Unlike riding from Ottawa/Barrhaven where flat is pretty much the way it goes, the roads here are rarely flat. There aren’t super steep climbs but the rollers can get to you after a while – especially for a dedicated flatlander like me…

I’ve been slow to post this (my apologies Dawn) but if you’re looking for a mountain bike, my friend Dawn is selling one. Here are the specs on her bike:

Garry Fisher HifiPlus GS.   Good all round mountain bike.  Size 15.5″, with a Bontrager Relic fork, Fox float RP3 shock, Juicy 3 brakes, Shimano Deore shifters.  It is in excellent condition and has been ridden barely 100km.  Price is $1200.00.

If you are interested, please call 819 827-3520 and ask for Dawn or e-mail p.bettinni at

Dawn has also got a BMX bike for sale over at The BMX is We the People Primate and is priced at $450.00.  It has some nice additions, like a Tree sprocket and a purple chain and other little items to lighten it up.

So there you have it – if you’re looking for a mountain bike or a BMX – check out Dawn’s bikes.

(I’m secretly thinking about taking up BMX riding this summer. Rumor on the street in Belgium is that BMX riding/racing helps a lot with cyclo-cross skills and may just help me find that elusive acceleration and cornering skills that I’m looking for…)

Well, I’m off to put my legs up and think positive thoughts for tomorrows ride. Looks like I’ve got tempo intervals on deck. Whatever it is – I’ll take it. Much better than the alternative.

One thought on “Rest is Good

  1. BMX is SO MUCH FUN! It really does help with the accelerations and in some cases, like a course we have here that uses a pump track, teaches you some TERRIFIC handling skills! I’ve done it once in a race situation and really liked it. You should definitely give it a try 😉

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