I Need New Shorts

I realized yesterday that I really need some new cycling shorts. My shorts just don’t fit anymore. They chafe, they rub and they’re a bit baggy. Not what one wants in a pair of cycling shorts. Problem is, I can’t get myself some new shorts just yet. You see, I need to finalize the design of my Ottawa Cross racing and training kit first. And I can’t do this until I have my sponsors for the 2011-2012 season firmed up. And this isn’t done yet. So instead of getting a new snazzy clothing design done, sending it off to the great folks at Champions Systems Canada and riding around in my new non-chafing, no-rub, and not-baggy shorts, showing off my new sponsors – I ride around in my old kit and suffer in silence.

So – this is where you come in… I’ve always said that through this site I’ve felt like we’ve built a little community of like-minded folks. So now, I’m turning to you my community members for some help. Alright here goes:

Maybe you are the someone I’m looking for. Maybe you’re the person who works at a company/owns a company/has a product or service that could benefit from the exposure and publicity I can give. Maybe you are the someone who knows someone who has a company/owns a company/has a product or a service that can benefit from the exposure and publicity I can give. Or maybe you’re the someone who knows someone who knows someone who has a company/owns a company/has a product or service that can benefit from the exposure or publicity I can give.

So assuming you’re that someone, here is how it all works:

– We sit down and talk and work out the details of a sponsorship arrangement. (No, I don’t need lots of money. Just some money. Really any money.)

– I explain how this money will be used. (To cover travel and living expenses while in Europe.)

– I explain to you how I will help you. (Giving exposure to your company/service/product/brand through my web site, Twitter and Facebook posts. In addition when people ask I’ll speak professionally and confidently about what your company/service/product/brand is and I’ll also highlight how you’re helping me out.)

– I tell you how I’ll go the extra mile for you. (I’ll get involved in any corporate fund raising campaigns you have. I can attend company events and do motivational speaking. I can contribute to your internal newsletter. I can write guest blog posts for your web site.)

– We look at the current Ottawa Cross kit and decide how to change it. (Your logo and company name/product/brand/service will be featured prominently on the kit. Maybe you have corporate colors – no problem, we’ll change the colors of the Ottawa Cross kit.)

– We shake hands. We smile. And we feel good. I’m happy because I can get new shorts. You’re happy because you’re doing something good by helping an athlete reach her goals and dreams. See – you’re smiling now – happy that you’re the someone who can help make this all come together.

Here’s to you being my someone or helping me find my someone. Here’s to a fantastic 2011-2012 cyclo-cross racing season.

I’m excited to be racing all over North America and getting back to Europe again to race, train and show off my new shorts.

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