Value. This is the word that has been swirling around in my head this week.

I’ve been busy this week applying for some really interesting writing and social media jobs that really are an excellent fit for me. The trick with this is clearly defining my value to my prospective employer and doing this in a one-page resume and a succinct cover letter. This can be challenging. Even for someone as skilled with language as I am. In the old days when I used to be only interested in technical writing jobs, showing and expressing my value to a company was pretty easy – I’m a darn good technical writer with excellent writing, editing and technical skills. Really these are more measurable qualities than what is required of an excellent freelance writer, editor or social media professional – and yes I’m darn good at this as well but I don’t have 15 years of experience to back me up. It is all about value and getting the message across.

The other thing that has had me consumed with value this week is my ongoing search for a couple of new sponsors for the upcoming cyclo-cross season. I have researched and found some excellent companies that I know I’d be a good representative of and the products/brands fit really well with what I do and who I really am. But of course, the trick is showing my value to these companies. I know that a logo on a skinsuit really doesn’t give the company much value – it is what I can do for the company beyond the bicycle (particularly when I’m looking for sponsors who aren’t necessarily involved with cycling). This is where it gets challenging. So I have been spending time this week really thinking about what it is I can offer companies who do sponsor me. I’m not sending out form emails to a whole bunch of companies – nope – I’m doing research, trying to find a real contact name and writing an email specific to the company and brand.

All I can do after all of this is wait and think positive thoughts. Hope that my emails, resumes, and cover letters got to the right person on the right day at the right time. There is no science to this business of showing value – if there was there would be very little unemployment and us cyclists and other athletes would be turning away sponsors.

Speaking of which, check out the fine companies who I do have supporting me for this upcoming season:

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