The weather is still not that great. But it is what it is, and as much as I’d like to – I simply can’t change it. The only thing to do is to deal with it and “buck up”. So I’ve been doing my best to embrace the wind, the rain and the cold.

Actually I’m starting to enjoy the wind. I get a strange thrill out of riding into a hard headwind or crosswind. Give me a headwind or crosswind anyday over a hill. I find I can turn my brain off, get in a pedaling groove and motor along against the wind just fine. But point the road uphill and I begin to spaz out a bit and forget that I have lots of power and spinning capacity in my legs. So, I’ll take the wind anyday.

As for the rain. Well, it isn’t so bad once you’re wet. Once I’m wet I give myself the check over: “feet are warm – yes”, “hands are warm – yes”, “core is warm – yes”, “head is covered and warm –  yes” – okay then no reason to not keep riding. The thing about the rain is simply dressing for it. Wear layers. Wear extra shoe covers. Wear thicker gloves than you think you need and bring a spare pair with you. And pedal hard. This way you won’t notice the rain. Oh and try to minimize “nature breaks” – especially if you’re a girl and are wearing bib shorts. Nothing worse than having to take off multiple layers to get at the straps on your shorts…

So all this to say that the weather is what it is. Soon enough the sun will be out again and some will be complaining about the heat. Whatever it is – I’ll take it. After all, I race my bike in December and January and really it doesn’t matter that it is in Belgium – it is still cold when all I have on is a skinsuit and a base layer.

Looking forward to some good riding this week. I’ve got a bunch of good hard long days this week and then four days of recovery next week. I’m slated to the local Ottawa training crit on May 31. Slightly nervous about this. But if I don’t try it – I simply won’t know. This time last year I was riding with the big boys without any trouble – so long as I can remember how ride a crit I should be okay. Time will tell I guess. I suppose the first step is getting my racing license…

Okay, well I’m off. Don’t know if you caught the Tour of California today but I was super impressed by Thor Hushovd taking off his booties during the race. This is kind of a “kids don’t try this at home” move – and please don’t try it in the crit on May 31!

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