Rest and Recovery

I’m on four days of rest and recovery. This is so hard for me right now! I feel like I just got started and really didn’t want to take any recovery days just yet. But looking ahead to the coming days and weeks of training, I’ve got lots of heavy days scheduled so I guess some rest and recovery makes sense. But it is still hard to do!

I had some really good training over the past weekend. Saturday was super busy with running, hot power yoga and a long ride on the ‘cross bike working on skills and thrills. By the end of this day of training I was pretty wiped out – amazing how quickly your legs can scream at you when running up a sand dune with a bike on your shoulder! Sunday I hooked up with the Stevens Bikes Canada men’s team for a ride out to Merrickville. This was a great road ride – lots of good conversations and laughs (okay – I did a lot of the talking) and I got in some good hard efforts at the front. It is really refreshing to ride with a group of guys who are so passionate about bikes and most importantly making the most of each day.

Assuming it isn’t raining tomorrow night, I’ll ride out to watch the local training crit. I really wish I was racing it, but there is a plan and I have to follow the plan. Speaking of plan – I had a great talk with my coach on Thursday and I know things are really going to come together well for the season.

I’m feeling super good. Confidence is high. Physically I’m doing really well. And everything away from the bike that has to happen off the bike to have a successful season is coming together as well.

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