Just Ride Over The Edge

This is sort of my new motto: just ride over the edge. In other words – take the risk and see what happens. Worst that happens is that you have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. This little nugget of information that I picked up today is thanks to a short but very useful conversation I had with Katie Compton and her husband Mark this morning. I was basically asking Katie every question I could about cyclocross this morning in the restaurant of her hotel and she essentially said: “You just have to ride over the edge and see what happens”. I’ve been thinking about this all day and it really is so true.

In typical fashion, I’ve also been thinking a lot about yesterday’s race. I kind of wish I could have a do-over because there are some small mistakes that I made that if I could have fixed them would have changed things a bit for me. Mind you, I suppose everyone thinks this after their race (likely even the winner). But overall, I’m still content with how it worked out. Being lapped is not fun but it is not the end of the world – it just makes me want to get better and smarter technically.

Anyway, today was a pretty chill day. I was supposed to do two hours of steady endurance but I didn’t do it. I ended up doing an easy one hour with Gabby. I only got about four hours sleep last night – wicked jet lag and my body was still amped up after racing. I’m hoping to get some sleep tonight. Gabby and I had an easy ride that involved fixing a flat as well. All in good fun. Rest of the day has been spent working and getting my laundry sorted. Turns out there are no laundromats in Plzen – the hotel laundry service is very expensive so I ended up taking my clothes to a laundry drop off place nearby – crossing my fingers it all comes back okay tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be another easy day and then we’re off to Prague for the afternoon. It will be nice to see this city and to walk around for a bit.

Sorry, I really don’t have much else for you today. Okay, well I do have some photos that I took yesterday at the race course…

The Food Vendors

The 23 Steps:


Me Racing (thanks Luc!):

Post-Race Tear Down

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