Settled In

Well, I’ve now been in the Czech Republic for one week. I can say I’m definitely settled into the Ibis Hotel… Luckily I have a very large room here (almost like a mini-apartment) so it hasn’t been so bad for a week. I can say that staying in a hotel for so long is a bit a tiresome and I’m rather tired of eating out. Plans have already been discussed for next year to get an apartment…

Yesterday Gabby and I got out for a good steady and at times hard 90 minute ride. We found some excellent roads and of course a lot of hills. All in all an excellent ride with the brilliant sun shining. After our ride we had quick showers and headed out for our day trip – we went to Prague for the afternoon and evening.

I really like Prague (I first visited Prague after the World Championships in 2010 and I’ve always wanted to return). What a city. Beautiful. Really beautiful. I did take a whole bunch of photos (they’re all posted on Facebook here). But I know some of you aren’t on Facebook, so here are some of the photos:

We got back rather late due to some issues with our train… But despite this it was an excellent day – thanks to Gabby and Gregg for the great company.

Today was a bit more routine – ride in the morning and and work in the afternoon. The three of us went to the race course site to ride route number 3 from the park there. It was rather rainy and cool but I had an interval work-out today so I warmed up rather quickly. It was a very good ride – my legs felt good and I was able to really push myself. Discovered some more roads that made for good riding. Many thanks to Gregg for cleaning my bike for me!

This evening we went out to an excellent vegetarian restaurant for supper – the Andel Cafe. Excellent food and a very relaxing ambience. A great night. Tomorrow I’m off to Tabor so I’ve got a busy morning ahead – two hour cyclocross ride and then somehow packing all my gear into the back of my car. Looking forward to getting to Tabor and catching up with the folks who are already there.

I’ve now moved up to 85th in the UCI rankings! Still have a long way to go but I’m happy to be able to have the chance to get out and race again and go for my goals and dreams.

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