Yes, today I’m angry. It was a beautiful day here in Belgium and I could not ride my bike. Instead I spent time at with another doctor and walked rather slowly around Aarschot with Nikoline.

Now I know some of you are wringing your hands and shaking your heads because I’m feeling angry and frustrated… I know that I should be thankful that I have two fully functioning legs and that I will ride a bike again. But I am still angry. Last season was cut short due to the ulcerative colitis and now this season, after only two races in Belgium is over. So, yes – I’m angry.

It was a lot of work to rebuild my fitness, regain my confidence, improve my technical skills and get ready for another season of cyclocross racing. And now, it is all gone. Honestly, it just isn’t fair. I’m not a “poor me” kind of person – but right now I’m tired of being “tested” and “challenged”.

All I wanted was one good year…