On The Brightside

I’m ever so slowly and surely really beginning to see the brightside again. I’ve had countless people including doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, and others tell me how very lucky I am. Couple with the research I’ve been doing, I’ve realized that yes – I’m very fortunate to be up and walking around.

There is still some lingering anger and frustration but with each day this is slipping to the wayside. What is frustrating right now is that I can’t do anything. Seriously – nothing. No stretching. No daily yoga. Gone are my a.m. and p.m sit-ups and pushups. No bike riding – not even the trainer. I can walk – but not for long and not at a rapid rate. With other injuries I’ve had, I’ve always been able to do something else to keep my body feeling alive and electric.

These last few days have reinforced that I will definitely not ever be a sedentary person. I need to feel my body move. I crave the rush from a good long bike ride, a steady run, a solid session in the weight room, a sweaty hot yoga class, and even a cold but invigorating cross-country ski.

So what do I do now? Well, I can walk. So tomorrow I’ll start with some measured and careful steps around Blauberg. Gradually I can increase my time and distance – at the very least I’ll be outside soaking in the sun and moving. Since I’m going home early (end of December), it will be an opportunity for me to make use of the winter wonderland that we have in Ottawa. (Remember that skiing thing I gave up – well if I get the go ahead I’ll be strapping on the skis this winter…)

Also to keep myself busy, I’ve got a few writing clients – so this helps – to give me some cash and to keep my brain active. (I’m always looking for new clients/contracts so don’t hesitate to contact me…)

So this is where I’m at. Still a tad frustrated. I think now I’m more onto disappointment – I’m trying not to think about could have and might have been. I’m lucky to have had this season considering how sick I was last year. Perspective is powerful but admittedly sometimes it would be nice to be a bit more naive when it comes to the bad luck and setback department.

But for any athlete or person really going for it, there will be missteps, setbacks, disappointments and challenges – I’m no different. I’m confident that good things are in my future.

6 thoughts on “On The Brightside

  1. Forget about the skiing, Fatbikes are where its at ! ! !
    I think there are lots of riding in Kanata Lakes over the winter on Fatbikes. You’ll be able to practice everthing CX but crashing in the snow should be a lot less painful πŸ˜‰


    Check this link for some cool pics and scroll down for vids πŸ™‚



    • I’ve heard of this winter biking! Well, I’ll have to think about it. Might be something I can do! Do you have one of these bikes?

      • I don’t have the new Fatbike setup but I have some rims which kinda started it all, called Snowcat rims. I also have s few sets of carbide winter tires tho and like to get out on the bike in the snow πŸ™‚
        We will have to get together over the holidays with the folks πŸ™‚

      • That’s a great idea – we should all get together. We’re home at the end of December. Thanks Paul for the positive words and encouragement. Hope you’re feeling well.

        cheers, vicki

  2. Anita – consider it done – we’ll get some skiing in together. Marc and Peter can ski together and we can ski together! Hot chocolate and chai at a coffee shop afterwards!

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