Thank You Belgium

Thank You Belgium for a great time. You have taught me so much and showed me that I really want to keep learning and growing. While the cyclo-cross season was very short and I only got to race twice – I will cherish the time I had with you.

On and off the bike I have been so lucky to meet a fantastic group of people. Passion would be the central theme for my family of cyclo-cross friends and fellow racers. We are bound by a love of the bike, the mud, the sand and the constant challenge that racing cyclo-cross in Belgium gives us.

This was my fifth season of racing in Belgium and it seems like no matter how many times I’ve been, my eyes and brain are rewarded with more sights and lessons. People often ask me why I go to Belgium to race my bike – it can be hard to answer this question without rambling on and on. To answer this question simply – because there is no place like Belgium and no other place to be than at a cyclo-cross race in Belgium.

Thank You Belgium for reuniting with my friends, for introducing me to new friends, for reinforcing my love of the bike, for testing me in a way that no other place can, for reminding me that it is important to live each day to its fullest, for showing me that dreams do come true, for reminding me that the work is never done, and for forcing me to push my limits.

I miss you already and I will be back.

One thought on “Thank You Belgium

  1. If you are looking for good biking – cuba!

    the winds are wicked, but the roads hardly have any vehicles.

    the country is huge and there are some good rides that could be had.

    the country is full of amazing road racers…

    one minute you’ll be riding and the next a cuban racer will bomb by trailing a motorcycle.

    some good riding to be had there. Dirt cheap.

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