Feeling Antsy

Boy oh boy do I want to get back to training! Now I have been riding for the past few weeks, but I’m not training… Rather I’m riding for sanity and fun. Yes, I’m riding the trainer in the basement of my Ottawa home for fun. (It is a good reason to watch television and the Adele concert over and over again…)

But what I want and crave is structure and a plan. Guess this all speaks to my Type A personality. I think partly this is because normally I would be training right now. I would have a plan and goals for each ride. But right now, I don’t have this. I know that a lot of road racers are not yet back into training yet – instead they might be out skiing, snowshoeing, running, and enjoying some outdoor winter trail riding. Well the thing is I can’t do any of this – the risk of falling is too high for me and my L3 vertebrae.

So I pedal. Now, I’m not complaining or whining. I know how lucky I am. It is just that I’m ready to get going. I’ve got my sights set on a really strong and fun 2012 so I want to get started. Yes, yes, I know that nothing will be accomplished if I’m not fully healed and recovered from my injury…

Plans for 2012 – yes I’ve got a few. A bit early for me to share them here with you. But as it stands you’ll see me out racing my road bike, hitting up the local cross-country mountain bike race series, and of course dialling in my cyclo-cross skills. For some 2012 is the Year of The Dragon but for me it is The Year of the Bike. I’m ready and open to try new races and opportunities – yes, seriously considering Almonte-Roubaix and some of the crazy Tall Tree Cycles rides…

Wish me luck as I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow – hoping to get the green light for some yoga and stretching… I’m feeling good and ready to get going. How about you?

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