I’ll Be Cheering

This is a big weekend for my cyclocross racing pals. Pretty much everyone I know and have become friends with over the years of racing cyclocross is racing in their respective national championships this weekend. A very big weekend of racing for so many people. The build-up to a national championship is always a bit crazy – with trying to peak for the big day, trying not to think about the race too much, the travel, the hype surrounding the race, speculation about the course and who is fit and who isn’t – well it can turn into quite a challenging day before you even line up to race.

My thoughts are out there with you. You’ll do great. Remember the hard work you’ve put in and take confidence from the training, racing, recovery and lessons you’ve had this season. One race does not define you as a racer. It is a race and more than likely you’ll be racing next weekend. Just go out and race – let your legs do the talking and have some fun out there.

Racing in a national championship is a special thing. The fans seem to cheer more loudly. The announcer talks a little bit louder and faster. There are more photographers and journalists around. But remember the race is about you and your ride. Just like every other race you do.

Enjoy the day and remember that whatever happens – you did your best. Eat the cake and ice cream. Have the beer. You deserve it. You raced a good hard race and you’ve still got a big season ahead of you.

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