Stuffed Up

Frankly, I’m frustrated. Really frustrated. I have another cold. Just as I was getting back into structured training and making some gains – I was hit by a cold. A cold that forced me to take six days off the bike. Fine a cold is a fact of life… I’ve been back training now for two weeks and guess what? I have another cold…

Grr. Very frustrating. This one is only in my head but I have that “hurts to swallow” feeling as well. Not impressed. I know it is only February but I want to ride and train. Kind of feels like two steps forward and three steps back.

Sorry for whining here…. Anyway, I’m taking a second day off the bike. Hoping that the rest will help and I can get back to riding on Saturday. Apart from being stuffed up, congested and coughing a bit I feel pretty good… I’ve been sucking on Zinc lozenges and taking the powerful oil of oregano (wow this stuff is potent and I think it does help).

Alright, so this is where I’m at. I have a cold. I’ll get over it. Okay whining is now over. Have a great Friday!

2 thoughts on “Stuffed Up

  1. I feel your pain. Been sick on and off since Christmas and only have about 6-7 days on the trainer in almost 2 months! Plus my sugar has been all over the map.
    It’s all good finally (Knock on wood) and seen new nurses and back on the trainer full time this week(5-6 days a week)
    I think what sucked the most is paying and committing to a coach and not being able to follow the plan or see any improvements ….
    Anyhow back on track health wise and back on the trainer again 🙂
    Just thought I would rant with ya ! Lot of people sick here at work with a cold/sinus bug since the holidays.

    Get better soon 🙂


    • Wow – Paul – sorry to read of your bad luck of late. But it sounds like everything is rolling along now.
      We’ll definitely have to get out for some rides this summer – I think you can show me a few things on the mountain bike.
      Stay healthy!

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