Oh boy oh boy – could spring be arriving early to us lucky folks in Ottawa? This past weekend we had some excellent weather and there were more than a few hardy cyclists out riding in the brilliant sunshine. I was still housebound with my recent cold – but the rest has paid off and the cold appears to be gone. Which means that I’m hoping this warm weather trend continues – I’ll be out there this weekend pedaling and moving rather than pedaling and not moving!

So this cold as I mentioned is basically gone. I rode for 45 easy minutes yesterday and 60 slightly less-easy minutes today – both times will no ill effects.

One interesting discovery thanks to this cold has been some inspiration found in an unlikely place. Inspiration all thanks to Halls. Yes, Halls – the cough drops… Marc picked up a bag of them for me and upon unwrapping my first berry-flavored Halls I discovered a wrapper with inspirational words on it. These inspirational words are bilingual and really are quite brilliant. Just the words one needs when forced down with a cold or sore throat. So all thanks to Halls, here is some late-February inspiration (maybe you can use these words today when you hop on the trainer or convince yourself to ride outside this weekend):

Go For It
Let’s Hear Your Battle Cry
Nothing You Can’t Handle
Don’t Try Harder. Do Harder!
Be Unstoppable
Get Through It
Don’t Give Up On You
Don’t Wait To Get Started

See – pretty darn inspirational and convincing! (Yes, I saved my Halls cough drop wrappers.. My mom is super talented creative embroiderer and she “makes” fabric out of wrappers. Yes you read that correctly. She collects wrappers from candies, bars, gum, etc and somehow converts them into fabric – I have a wallet made out of wrappers. So I thought she could use these wrappers with inspirational quotes to create some nifty fabric!)

Alright and for today – well our collective mission is to think spring and to think sun. If we all put our minds together we can make this happen and get out for a ride on Saturday and on Sunday.

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