Think About This

I just read this fantastic blog post over at the Do Lectures and I really think it will resonate with you. It has with me.

Did you ever?

Look up to the mountain and think it was too steep to climb?

Did you ever wonder, even for the smallest second, if you had the talent to make it to the top?

Did you ever just watch a rival and think ‘I might as well as quit now.’

But you didn’t, did you?

You took the first step up that mountain.

You practiced. You practiced. You practiced.

You said nothing.

You just put one-foot in front of the other one.

And climbed.

Never looking up.

Never looking down.

And the journey wasn’t a quick one.

But overtime, people started to take notice of you.

Admiring the skill. The style. The simplicity.

But it wasn’t easy getting there, was it?

The sacrifices made along the way had a high price.

Then one day, out of the corner of your eye, you caught someone looking at you.

You knew that look. He was thinking ‘I might as well quit now’.

And you shot him a stern look straight back.

“Don’t you dare.”

Big thanks to David at the Do Lectures blog for this great post.

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