Race Weekend

We’re off today to Lac Megantic for the Canadian National Masters Road Racing Championships. Marc is racing in Friday’s road race and Sunday’s criterium. I’ll be there as a support person: bottle holder, cheerleader, cook and super fan. It has been a while since we’ve loaded up our trusty Matrix and hit the open road for a weekend of racing and all things bikes.

It is strange this year to be at road races and not be racing. At first I really didn’t want to be at the races and would purposely avoid watching the women’s races (particularly the races I had planned on doing…). But now after some time, I’ve come to a much more balanced place. Sure I’m not racing. But I can still enjoy being at the races and most importantly still reap the rewards that my bike gives me.

I started racing way-back-when because I loved riding my bike. And now during this summer of non-racing and training, I’m back to where I started. Riding for the pure joy of it. I honestly think this is a valuable experience for racers of all levels – simply get out and ride without thoughts of the next race, last weekend’s race or the impending set of intervals. Just get on the saddle, clip in and pedal.

When I look in my garage I have four bikes to choose from: road bike, cyclo-cross bike, BMX bike, and my city bike. Each affords me a different adventure. Each gives me that ticket to freedom and lets me forget about what I’m not doing and revel in what I am doing.

This weekend I know will be excellent. Lots of men and women out racing and cheering on one another. The post-race talk is often as entertaining as the racing itself. All in all it is simply going to be another great weekend – all thanks to the innocent two-wheeler.

If you’re out at Lac Megantic this weekend and see me in the feed zone with my nose in my Kindle or out huffing and puffing up the hills – stop me and say hello. Safe travels to everyone this weekend.

There is nothing better than a race weekend.

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