I’m Back!

Hey – did you miss me? I sure missed you. Wow, I had no idea when I wrote my last blog post on August 9 that I wouldn’t be able to write again until today. Long story short – I went in for the scheduled colonoscopy and was finally discharged from the hospital on August 20. What initially was supposed to be a two or three day stay kept on getting extended.

Such is the complication of treating this terrible disease. Compound the fact that I’m apparently more healthy than the average individual, it became a challenge for anyone to figure out what to do with me. I had some rough times in that place – but the nurses were fantastic in helping me be as comfortable as I could be.

For me going forward, well I’m on a new drug – Prednisone and we’ll see if this works. Also stocking up on potassium because apparently this is very low for me. I’m sticking to a low residue diet. Getting rest but also slowly asking my body to move a bit. It will be a while before I can get on a bike again. I plan to be back at work next week. So now it is just the path of trying to get out of this ulcerative colitis flare and into a remission.

I’ve got lots of thoughts swirling around in my brain right now and soon enough I’ll put them down in black and white. Of course most importantly is that cyclo-cross season is just around the corner. Although I won’t be racing this year or even pre-riding the course now – I hope I can still give you guys lots of tips/insight and share my experiences from racing over the years. I’m thinking of doing a couple of weekly blog posts about different aspects of ‘cross (so if you have questions, ideas, etc – let me know!).

A big thanks to everyone who contacted me through this website, Facebook, Twitter, email, came in person, called, etc – Marc and I are truly appreciative of this.

The biggest lesson I learned from 12 days on an ICU floor with lots of sick people – take care of your health. If you’re already unhealthy and then you get sick, it is so much harder for you to heal and recover. Drugs can only take you so far. Eat your vegetables. Move your body (even just a little bit). Get some fresh air.

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