Sometimes I Don’t Do It

Remember the other day when I wrote about “squeezing the most out of every healthy day”? I felt pretty good when I wrote that. Inspired. Motivated. Focused.

Well, the truth is sometimes I don’t live up to my lofty words and ideals. You see the thing is, sometimes I convince myself that I’m not strong enough, fast enough, fit enough, or simply good enough – and I don’t do what I want to do. This happened on Wednesday.

There is a local group here in Ottawa/Gatineau that meets twice a week for snowshoe runs in the Gatineau Park. I’ve wanted to go on these runs for a long time. Last night was the night. My bag was packed. My snowshoes were in the car. I was ready. Then during the day, I managed to talk myself out of going out to the snowshoe run.

I worried about being able to keep up with group.
I stressed about running for 90 minutes.
I mumbled to myself about a lingering heal injury.
I obsessed over the cold weather.
I told myself that I shouldn’t go.
I justified this with some twisted logic.
I let myself down.

Sometimes I let my crazy brain and insecurities win. I guess this makes me human – but I still hate it when this happens. Interesting how self-confidence can slip through my fingers like water.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes I Don’t Do It

  1. Given what you told me last night, were you like a deer “caught in the headlights”?
    Give yourself time; you’ll get there.

    • Great post Katy! It helps to know that we’re not alone with our sometimes “not rational” thoughts.

      Glad you’ll be out on the 26th. Should be a good time. (Thanks as well for your kind words – it means a lot.)


      Read my book: An Unlikely Elite


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