Canadian Ski Marathon

Don’t get the wrong idea here – I am most definitely not doing the Canadian Ski Marathon this weekend. No siree – this event is way too challenging for me.

In case you don’t know about the Canadian Ski Marathon, it includes:

  • The CSM is a two-day, 160 kilometre ski event that is divided into 5 sections each day, with an average of 16 kms per section.
  • There is a wide range of Canadian Ski Marathon categories – making this an event that skiers of all abilities and ages can participate in.
  • The Coureur de Bois (and the Junior Coureur de Bois, who must be accompanied by an adult CdB) is the category for skiers who wish to attempt the full distance of 160 kms over the two days. There are three sub-categories: bronze, silver and gold. Participants must achieve the bronze before the silver, and the silver before the gold. The Gold Coureur de Bois is the ultimate performance challenge as it means skiing the full distance with a backpack weighing not less than 5 kilograms, containing all the necessities for an overnight camping adventure, including food, sleeping bag, clothing etc.

This annual skiing event is a big deal – and for good reason.

I’d like to wish the best of luck to the four teenagers I know who are doing the Canadian Ski Marathon this weekend. Huge shout out to Miles, Lois and Sabina who are doing the Gold Junior Courerur de Bois event. Another huge shout out to Gabe who is skiing five sections this weekend.

I know that each of you will do just great. Trust in your training and preparation. Enjoy the time outside on your skis. I’m super stoked for each of you. Looking forward to hearing all about the weekend.

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