Oh April!

Last weekend was a good one – I got outside on both days. And then April arrived… Normally I welcome April with open arms – in fact – I relish April. April is a big month for me… (hint my birthday is in April) (second hint I love birthdays and I especially love my birthday)

So normally when April comes along, I’m all smiles and Easter eggs. April means it is time to get outside and ride ride ride. The sun is shining. The flowers are poking through. The birds are singing. Everyone is happy. It’s April – winter is a long and distant memory.

Except this year. This year, April is not winning any friends. I’m really hoping that  for April’s sake, things start to get a bit sunnier, warmer and more April-like. All week I’ve been in the basement riding the trainer. Yes, this has its merits – but not in April! Sigh – April – what did we ever do to you? It’s not like we moan about you like we do about January and February. Nope quite the opposite, we get excited when you show up. Patios open. Garages get cleaned out. People start wearing Crocs and tank tops. Yep, we get pretty eager when you show up.

I grew up in northern Saskatchewan. I’ve seen my fair share of cold and snowy days. (Days I don’t really care to see again…) As a kid and even teenager I used to beg my parents to let me take my bike out by my birthday. Every year it was “do you think I can get my bike outside by my birthday?” Sometimes it was a yes and other times it was a no. Well, let me tell you April – I’m done with no. I want a yes for 2013.

Come my birthday, I expect to be riding outside. And this doesn’t mean riding outside bundled up in four layers on the top, double booties, two pairs of gloves, and thermal tights. I would like leg warmers and shorts weather. In fact this is what I would like for my birthday – leg warmers, shorts, long sleeve jersey, vest, light gloves, and cycling cap weather. This is all I’m asking of you April. It’s not a lot – just some sunny, warm, dry days.

I think it’s only fair. I’ve lived through enough snowy Aprils and I don’t feel like I should have to see another one. Thanks April – I knew you’d understand. You really are a good friend. I knew I could count on you. After all, April this is for your own good as well as mine – you don’t want to start getting a bad reputation do you?

6 thoughts on “Oh April!

  1. YAY for birthdays (mine is next month). It’s supposed to hit in the 60s here this week, and maybe, just maybe, 70 – HOORAY! Can’t wait for it to REALLY be spring.

    • Ah Cathy, I wish we were having the warm weather you’re getting! Cold and wet today. We need to plan our Kingdom Trails weekend. (Birthdays rule!)

    • It’s okay Dad! Now you know how much I’ve always loved riding my bike. I come by this honestly – you’re the guy who had his kayak out on Easter weekend!

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