A Run

Three days, two runs.

Sore calf muscles. Ripped up feet from some crazy blisters.

This is okay. I can ignore this kind of discomfort for the rewards these runs have provided.

I discovered a fun trail system in Piopolis, Quebec – bridges, gravel trails, gnarly singletrack, climbing, twisting, descending, shoe-sucking muck, green stuff, moss, smiles with some huffing and puffing.

On Thursday I discovered this tail system at the tail-end of my run and resolved to return today. What a great choice. My calf muscles had tightened up into angry balls of hatred overnight but with some massaging, coaxing and the determination to block out the discomfort of muscle tightness, I set out on a trail run.

So much fun. I felt like I could run forever. I quickly discovered the wet slippery bridges require caution and when you think you’re being cautious – be a little bit more cautious. When my watch beeped signalling that it was time to turn around, I ignored it for a bit and kept on going. Just up this climb and down the other side, I told myself – I wonder where it goes?

I have no idea how far I ran or at what pace. There were moments when I opened things up and other times when I slowed to prevent slipping and spilling. All in all so much fun.

When I exited the woods it was pouring rain – the perfect way to wash the muck off my legs.

I’m definitely looking forward to my next run (maybe tomorrow)…

(The two running conundrums I must solve though are: extremely tight calf muscles (guessing this is because I’m a sporadic runner and I’m also wondering if my close-to-minimal shoes are the culprit) and crazy blisters on the bottom of big toes – after only 15 minutes of running I can feel the heat and irritation (I’ve tried all manner of socks with and without moleskin and other blister preventive measures – these are big ugly blisters that often fill with blood – yes gross and not pleasant). These two annoyances need to be solved so I can run more often and more enjoyably – I can suck up the blister pain but I don’t think this is something I should have to do and as for the calf muscles they should come around – but maybe I need to change my shoes….)


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