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I realized that it has been a while since I last wrote something in this little space. No real reasons for this. Guess, I just didn’t really feel like I had much to say or contribute. And now? Well, not much has changed, but I thought I’d let you know the latest – you can take it for what it is.

Had a brilliant week of vacation. We didn’t fly to Paris or visit the Grand Canyon (this would have been good) – instead it was a mellow week of bike racing, cheering, reading, sleeping, mountain biking, running and chillaxing. In fact Marc was only off for a couple of days – so most of the time I was soloing it on my summer vacation. We did go to Lac Megantic for the Canadian National Masters Road Racing Championships – this was a great few days – we had a sweet chalet in the woods that forced both of us to completely relax. Marc did some good hard racing – I stood on the side of the road with water bottles and cheered. Before we left for the races and even last week, anyone who asked where we went likely had not heard of Lac Megantic and now sadly the train derailment and explosion in this community has changed this.

Health-wise, things are much better. Three weeks ago, I was very sick. I knew I was sick and things were not getting better. I could tell by the way people looked at me that I didn’t look great, the bruises on my arms were ugly and not healing, and I simply was not doing well. Hence, the colonoscopy… If you’ve never had a colonoscopy, lets just say the procedure itself isn’t so bad but the preparation is a tad rough – you need to be “empty” and I mean really “empty”. Had the colonoscopy and as expected, things were worse than my doctor expected them to be. Sigh. Well, now flash forward three weeks and I feel so much better. Nothing has changed. My medicine is the same. My habits are the same. Only difference is I’m not going to the bathroom upwards of 20 times a day anymore. In fact – dare I say, things are almost normal. I have no idea what has brought this on. My only guess is it was the “emptying” that I had to do to prepare for the colonoscopy. There are some people who believe in juice fasts and liquid diets to help clean out the digestive system when in an ulcerative colitis flare – saying that the gut flora has to be replenished – maybe this is what has happened? I don’t know – but whatever it is – I’ll take it.

I’m still riding. Just not training. I’ve been getting in some good rides on both my mountain bike (love this bike) and my road bike. I’ve even doubled my Gatineau Park training rides for 2012 – in 2012 I did one ride in the Gatineau Park – so far this year I’ve done two! And I must say both rides were highly enjoyable with most excellent riding partners. I have been riding my mountain bike quite a bit at both Kanata Lakes and in the Gatineau Park. I’m really enjoying riding the 36/50 trail in the Gatineau Park and in Kanata Lakes, I’m getting more and more comfortable with the rocks and roots. We are super lucky in Ottawa to have two such different riding venues.

Tonight I’m off to a trail running clinic taught by Dave and Lise from Natural Fitness Labs. I’m super looking forward to this. I do enjoy running. I’m slow and I run like an elephant – but it makes me happy. I love it even more when I’m out in nature getting my feet muddy and scrambling around natural obstacles. I’m still slow on the trails, but I don’t really care. It is the doing that is important. Last week I went out to the Tuesday night trail run that Dave and Lise organize – I was a bit nervous but I thought I’d go and just see what happens. As expected, I was a bit intimidated by the folks wearing their race t-shirts and talking about their latest ultratrail races…. But once we got going I was fine. I mentioned this experience to my friend Dawn and she said “Vicki, everyone who registers for the race gets a t-shirt – whether they’re first or last.” This really struck home with me and it is something I’ll be trying to remember tonight and at tomorrow’s group trail run. (Oh and I did buy some new trail running shoes. After having my feet ripped up again, I decided this was a bit silly. Turns out my other shoes were too narrow for my wide foot. So I’ve got a new pair of New Balance 110BE’s. Fingers crossed they do the trick.)

As you may now, I read a lot. Just like my running though, I’m a slow reader… Anyway, if you’re looking for some good books to read, here are my suggestions: Through Black Spruce, Three Day Road, 419, Mary Coin, Wild, Wave, Burgess Boys, and The Woman Upstairs. All excellent reads. If you feel like watching a movie – Now You See Me is entertaining (ignore the critics) as is Red (yes this is an old one but we had to watch it to be ready for Red2). If you want to vege out in front of the television, might I recommend: Master Chef Australia (so so much better than Master Chef US) and The Killing (this is such a good program). Oh and of course watch last week’s episode of Rookie Blues….

Hmm, what else? Nothing much else really. Life is rolling along and I’m happy to be part of it. July is shaping up to be a much better month than June was and I’ve got my fingers crossed for August. Cyclo-cross season is right around the corner – I’m looking forward to getting out to the Eastern Ontario Cyclo-Cross Series.

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  1. I feel for you Vicki. Struggling myself over here as I care for an ailing father. So hard to watch a loved one be so sick. My bike is collecting dust. Trying to squeeze a little more time for myself now as I need to do it for me! Looks like a little relaxing kayak is in my future, but nothing to physical as my strength is needed elsewhere. Glad to hear you are doing better…enjoy the rest of the summer. I can’t believe how fast it is going!

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