Getting On With It

Earlier this morning I was sitting here generally feeling sorry for myself.  To be blunt – I feel like crap. My body is in chaos with this darn ulcerative colitis. There are days when a banana does some shocking things to my body. Then there are days when I want to sleep all day. But through it all, I keep telling myself:  “you’re not in the hospital”, “you’re still going to work”, “you’re still able to see your friends”, “this is manageable”. Though admittedly, some days I struggle to believe my own positive self-talk….

So it seems like this article that has been floating around Facebook for a few days caught my attention at just the right time: How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World In 8 Amazing Steps.

This article kind of sums it all up.

2 thoughts on “Getting On With It

  1. That is an awesome article! Love it. Sorry to hear you are still feeling so poorly. I was hoping that the flare would have subsided for you by now. Know that some days, it’s ok to feel sorry for yourself – just not every day.

    • Thanks Cathy! Some days are tough but I’m doing my best to stay positive. I’ve got two new books loaded on my Kindle and an old grey cat to snuggle with me – maybe this is the best medicine there is! Enjoy this awesome fall weather and do some hard efforts for me. Vicki

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